Latest UK Celebrity Gossip News

Are you looking for the latest Celebrity gossip? If so, then you have come to the right place. Below are a few stories that have been making headlines in the UK.

Some of the celebrities who have made headlines in the UK recently include Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright. Also, Victoria and David Beckham made news too. If you want to find out why they made the news, as well as who else need, then read more below.

920041. Michelle Keegan And Mark Wright- Keegan, who used to star on Coronation Street, and she has made headlines after she was seen leaving a restaurant in the centre of Manchester. The sighting was last week, and the reason why she garnered attention was because of how bronzed she look, as well as the way she was dressed. In other words, Keegan looked absolutely fabulous. As for her husband, Mark Wright, he made an appearance at a nightclub in Ipswich, and it appears that the newlyweds are happy, healthy and just enjoying life.




victoria-beckham-2402. The powerhouse couple, Victoria and David Beckham, also made news, with Victoria spotted in America at a gym, and she looked toned up. As for her husband, David stayed behind in the UK and attended the wedding of none other than Guy Ritchie. It’s also worth pointing out that Victoria wasn’t training alone last week, as her friend Eva Longoria joined her and it appears that the two had a great workout, which isn’t shocking because both celebrities are known for staying toned and putting in a lot of work on their physiques.

3. Kerry Katona made news a few weeks ago when she apparently kicked out her husband and he left their house. However, earlier in the week her husband, George Kay, was seen at the home and he has a bunch of luggage that he was bringing inside. This could be a sign that the couple are going to start working things out or keep things civil between them. It’s not really known why Kerry gave her husband the boot, but as of now, it seems like things are back on between the two.

Kate-Moss-3-Vogue-17Oct13-David-Ross_b4. Kate Moss’s marriage seemed to be in trouble, as it was reported that her and her husband were having marital issues and rumors have been going around about them having problems. However, Moss was seen with her ring still on her finger, so this could very well be a sign that her marriage is still going, even if among all the rumors. Some may even say that Moss appeared to be relaxed and calm, but as for whether or not her marriage is on the rocks, only two people know the answer to that question, and that is Kate and her husband.

As you can see, quite a few celebrities from the UK have been making headlines. It was a busy week for the celebs mentioned above. Next week is a new week though and more celebs will surely make headlines.